English in a multilingual world: Exploring the characteristics of Vietnamese English and its implications for classroom practice

Who are we?

Hue English is a collaborative research project between the UK and Vietnam. Academics from Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cambridge, and Hue University of Foreign Languages and International Studies have joined together to explore Vietnamese English, and how it might shape identity and language education in Vietnam.

With English being a global language, many different varieties have emerged, which are all used to construct personal and cultural identities. Vietnamese English is no exception, and is becoming increasingly recognised in the Vietnamese context. Hue English is a research project that aims to explore the use of and attitudes towards Vietnamese English as spoken by residents of Hue, a culturally and historically rich city in Central Vietnam. The project seeks to enhance documentation and understanding of Vietnamese English, with the goal of improving the teaching, learning, and usage of English in Vietnam.

The project draws on the successful model of Manchester Voices, a community-engaged sociolinguistic project documenting the characteristics of Manchester English. In this vein, the project takes pride in establishing and nurturing a robust and meaningful connection between two institutions, two cities, and two countries.

Our project is funded by the British Council as part of the UK/Vietnam Season 2023, which is a celebration of British and Vietnamese culture, showcasing amazing UK-Vietnamese partnerships across many different sectors. 

Project activities

The project is carried out in two phases, with distinctive planned public-facing outcomes in each phase.

Phase 1 (Your English – My English) takes researchers into the wider community to speak to people in their environments and record the interactions. 

The result is a collection and analysis of English speech samples produced by a diverse population of Vietnamese living in Hue, and their reflections on how these ways of speaking represent their various identities. 

The outcome is a multimodal (audio-visual) exhibition of Hue English alongside Manchester English, enabling the Hue community to recognise and celebrate their Hue English, and learn more about Manchester English. Find the interactive exhibition here.

Phase 2 (Our English) involves applying the sociolinguistic findings of Phase 1 into classroom practice. 

The research team collaborates with English teachers at selected schools in Hue to co-design and implement lessons using Hue English samples. 

The outcome is a set of lesson plans inspired by localised English usage, and an English-speaking competition to encourage Hue students to create video presentations to share their attitudes toward Vietnamese English.

Stay tuned for more information about what’s still to come!

Project timeline 

January - March 2023

Preparation for data collection

April - June 2023

Data collection

July - August 2023

Data analysis

September 2023

Your English - My English Exhibition 

Preparation for Hue English lessons

September - October 2023 

Delivery of Hue English lessons in selected schools in Hue

October - November 2023

Our English video presentation competition

December 2023

Our English speaking competition

More to be announced...

How to take part 

Hue English - Tiếng Anh Giọng Huế took place in Hue, Vietnam in person and online in September and December 2023.  Please find below information about the two main public-facing events of the project.

Your English – My English Exhibition 

Our English – Video and Speaking Competition  

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