'Your English - My English' Exhibition

Check out the exhibition showcased on the 12th - 13th of September 2023 below! 

The Your English-My English exhibition summarises and introduces the results of the Hue English project in its first phase.

On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th September at Hue University, we presented an audiovisual exhibition showcasing Manchester English and Hue English, and speakers' connections to how they express themselves in English. Below, you can:

Interactive Audiovisual Exhibition

Posters/Infographics - Learn about Hue English!

Jennifer Reid Performing 'Weaver of Wellbrook' Written by Ben Brierley

The Weaver of Wellbrook with Captions.mov

Jennifer Reid and Y Nhi Nguyen Performing 'Mill Girl's Lullaby', Written by Paul Graney, and a Hue lullaby

HD Lullabies - Manchester and Hue (final copy) - HD 720p.mov

A Selection of Pictures of the Audiovisual Exhibition - you can find more pictures on the gallery page.